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Support Product List : DR.DAC3 
Version : Release 9 
OS : Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 
Date : 2015-04-29 
File Size : 0.4MB 
Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B95cS0...npZblp2NEk 

▶ How to upgrade the firmware



1. Unzip the downloaded file into the suitable folder.

2. After stopping all sound reproduction, if executing VIAFwUpd.exe file in the folder, firmware upgrade will proceed.



※ It takes about 10 seconds to do firmware upgrade. (It would take 1~5 minutes depending on the system). Use caution that you should never turn off the computer or release device connection during firmware upgrade.



※ If the process stops during firmware upgrade, it may be caused by the collision with other USB devices. Thus, release connections of devices (USB printer, USB scanner, etc.) to the USB port and execute again firmware upgrade.



※ Firmware upgrade does not work while sound device is in use. Check the active indicator at the front of DR.DAC3 and turn off all sound reproduction. Make sure that active lamp is turned off, and proceed with firmware upgrade.




※ As firmware update tool included is a window based application, it cannot be executed in Mac OS X. Thus, proceed with firmware update at a PC where Window is installed.