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MAYA 5.1MK-II series(POS / LTX /ZENI) support all of the analog 5.1 channel output, PCM Digital-Out, and passthrough Digital-Out with the best performance compared with a low price. MAYA 5.1MK-II series employs VIA`s high-performance Audio Controller Chipset and Codec Chipset(supporting analog 5.1 channel output, microphone, Line-In, stereo mix recording, and so forth) for stunning sound and various multimedia functions based on the stable circuit design. The passthrough Digital-Output enables perfect 5.1 channel playback of DVD, and AC3 or DTS formatted movies only with playback software during use of a decoder-embedded 5.1 channel home theater speaker or a receiver amplifier. An independent headphone output (POS / LTX) in addition to the basic front, rear, center/woofer outputs is supported for the easy use of an earphone and headphone. 
A headphone amplifier is basically embedded in the headphone output for excellent performance 
(※ The headphone amplifier is employed in the front output of MAYA 5.1MK-II ZENI)