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Dynamic Microphone ATM-60

ATM-60 has 5 gorgeous colors. It is a fashion item, and is worthy of note for young generation. It is suitable for presents. Its cute appearance makes us doubt of its capacity as a microphone. It is proud of its excellent durability and qua...

Dynamic Microphone AT-2500 PLUS

AT-2500 PLUS has excellent performance with a low price and clear sound quality. ATM-2500 PLUS is for the use of vocal recording and has 400Ohm of impedance. AT-2500 PLUS is designed mostly for use in a home studio at home and has an excell...

Dynamic Microphone ATM-24K

ATM-24K Gold microphone has the impedance of 400Ohm ~ 600Ohm. Effective dome design of the microphone reduces noises such as ambient noise, breathing sounds and plosives. Frequency response optimized for vocal makes high quality sound.