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Maya U5 problem

Developer: Mariush Views: 11954

I noticed a serious problem with MAYA U5, it also have other users. Maya from time to time for no reason generates a very loud noise, it can be hard to scare or damage hearing. The noise goes away when you change the sample rate or unlink card.
Most likely cause is underdeveloped drivers.
There is no good equalizer, it does not adjust low frequency 30-60Hz, 80-120Hz and higher> 8 kHz.
Addition, it is very sensitive to electrostatic discharge, sometimes you simply touch the wire and Maya off.
Maya-U5 is a good product (good sound), but needs updating.
Please reply.


2012.03.07 13:03
The problem is due to USB bandwidth of your PC you are using or power-saving features. Try changing USB port.

If you have the same symptoms, change the power setting in CMOS Setup.
1) When you using Motherboard with Intel Chipset: change the Speed Step, C1E and EIST to Disable.
2) When you using Motherboard with AMD Chipset: change the 'Cool'n'Quiet™' function to Disable.
And please change the USB power-saving option. to Disable in Windows Control Panel.

Spectrum control range is provided 120Hz to 8kHz settings according to the sound playback standards.
The frequency that too low or too high does not affect listening to music.

If a ground is bad, you might encounter MAYA off problems.
We are judged by ground of your PC you are using.
If possible you need to check from another computer.



2012.03.08 18:47
I use the Asus Eee PC 1215N (1215N-BLK189M) with W7 but the problem is not just my computer. At one forum, there are more users with these problems.
I changed the appropriate options, see if it will be better.
120Hz-8kHz range is not a standard range. In music, a lot of what is happening in the field omitted.
Thank you for your response.


2012.03.09 14:32

If you have a desktop computer, please check it.
If you have problems on your laptop, it may be a cause of low-powered.
So if you are using only laptop battery, try using external power adapter.

When you uses laptop, you may have USB power and USB bandwidth etc. problems.
If problems are not resolved through a change of USB port and a cancellation of power-saving etc., there is way to resolve the method of using USB HUB with the power supply and the method of using the USB 2.0 controller PCMCIA.

When range is deficient, if you use QSizzle and Qrumble at the same time, you have somewhat effect.
An adaptive mid to high-frequency spectral enhancement that restores a natural-sounding sonic punch to highly compressed audio formats like MP3 by selectively adding upper spectrum energy according to the real-time characteristics of the input signal.
The low-frequency counterpart to QSizzle, QRumble also adds energy in a selective fashion, bringing substance and warmth to the low end spectrum without overloading on loud passages.

If you need more detailed settings than QSound Equalizer included in the drivers of MAYA U5, there is a way to use the EQ function with a built-in the music playback program.
For example you can be adjusted for 55Hz to 20khz when you set EQ (Preferences -> Playback -> DSP Manager -> Equalizer) in the Foobar2000.
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