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Audiotrak CUBE - audio glitching and stuttering

Developer: ewalcacer Views: 10783

Hi. I received my CUBE today and I was very happy about the upgrade it was over my onboard audio. Sound got alot cleaner and detailed, a more controlled high, punchy bass and detailed and smooth mids. That was, untill I started to get this same problem... It seems that when listening to music (usually .flac 16/44.1) with foobar2000 or JetAudio, out of random, the sound starts to glitch out and stutter (any type of application using the device, like youtube videos or voip chats). It's hard to descibe but I uploaded a .wav file recording the glitch to a personal website. Anyway, in order to fix this, I have to close every audio application and start it again. One time the only way to fix it was to remove and reconnect the device. I also removed everything from my second usb pci card to see if it would fix it. I also connected it to my onboard usb i/o interface. My onboard soundcard is disabled on my BIOS but the same happens with it enabled.

Link with the glitched audio I recorded: http://files.enjin.com/137767/ewalcacer/soundglitch.wav

I also have another problem. When I connect my receiver to the digital output no sound comes out, even tho it's supposed to be PCM format only. I installed the ac3passthrough driver and the same happens with PCM and DTS formats.

I'm running windows XP SP3. If you need any other information, please let me know.


2012.04.13 13:33
If you are using the Pass-Through drivers for Windows XP only, you might encounter your symptoms you inquire.
We are not recommending to use the Pass-through drivers for Windows XP only.
When using the drivers, your player will not work correctly and your computer might become unstable or stop working completely.
And please change other USB port, if your problem not resolved, your Windows file may be corrupted.
So, you need to do the new format.

If you want to use the Pass-Through, we recommend using Windows VISTA.
On Windows VISTA, you can use it without the drivers.

This is just another way to use it on Windows XP.
Please use two USB ports.
Install the drivers for the Pass-Through to one of USB ports, please use this port when using the Pass-Through.
And when listening to music, please use another one.



2012.04.13 15:08
I just switched the USB ports and I'm gonna update this post if I encounter the same problem or in two days, reporting that the problem is gone.

Do you think I'll be able to use the passthrough with windows 7 any soon? They should probably have it released already...

I have another question. It says I can power my Cube with 10 volts. How am I supposed to do it? Connect the cable to some sort of adaptor that connects it to two USB ports at the same time?

Thanks for the reply :)


2012.04.16 12:55
The PRODIGY CUBE does not support Pass-Through on Windows 7.
It just supports normally on Windows VISTA.
You misread the 10 volts.
10 volts is only the necessary powers to drive the OPAMP.
The PRODIGY CUBE can be run by USB.


2012.04.17 05:25
The audio glitching problem is gone. The driver was the reason, like you said.
Thanks for the efficiency. The Cube is a great product and I'm loving it!


2014.09.05 03:46
I've got very similar problems with Prodigy Cube on Windows 7. What I should do?


2014.09.05 03:50
I just plug it using USB and RCA, I didn't change anything.


2014.09.06 01:45

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what exactly i should do. It is first time when I saw "Pass-Through" statement :(



2014.09.05 09:27
The PRODIGY CUBE does not support Pass-Through on Windows 7.
It just supports normally on Windows VISTA.

Otherwise, as noted above, you need to try the new format.
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