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I recently bought an Audiotrak, it's not popular in America but people who have it talk very good about it, so I decided to give it a try.


My question is related the Amp section, is there a way to control it ? Because it has no drivers, it has no way of controlling amplification either, or so I guess, maybe there is a way.


The issue is that, this thing doesn't amp very good, even the Xonar U3 have a better amplifcation, although the U3 it's supposed to only amplify so far 64ohms while this one it's supposed to achieve 150ohms.


I guess my proof of concept are my Mee Runaway headphones. These are some bluetooth headphones that can be used with the normal audio wire. The amplification given by the Prodigy Black is not near the one provided by the headphone itself and because the lack of amplification, the sound lacks on quality too.


I have some Sony XBA3 (in ear headphones) and those sounds kinda low and if I go to the max volume, I get too much distortion. Even my Sony MP4 (NWZ-E463) goes louder and with less distortion with the XBA3.


I don't know, maybe is the default opamp ? I'm still waiting for the 8290 to arrive (I had to buy it from a Japan seller, your store in ebay was charging too much for the EMS shipping)


I'm using the 3.5mm jack, I've tested the 16bit/44khz and 24bit/96khz settings. 



2016.11.02 09:56
The protection circuit for a low-impedance earphone is installed on the 3.5mm port to optimize common general low-impedance earphones.

Well, for higher-quality sound, you are recommended to use the analog volume control of PRODIGY CUBE with the volume of your computer maximized.



2016.11.06 11:13
I have connected the Prodigy Cube to a powered hub (2Amps, the hub is limited to 900mA per port) and the sound improved a little (in the 3.5mm output). I currently don't have any dual cable to try it out (they are very rare).

What is the minimum "ohms" a headphone should have to connect it in the 5mm jack ?


2016.11.07 09:49
The impedance of 6.3mm is 16~150ohm.
So you can use the headphone with 16~150ohm in the 6.3mm jack.

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