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Greetings to you. I have the following problem. After inserting the sound card  Prodigy HD2 Advance DE in the PCI slot, my computer can not turn on. I have AMD A10-6700, motherboard Gigabyte F2A88X-D3H (rev.03) and power supply Seasonic 360W G Series. What could be the reason that the PC can not turn on? May be a weak power supply, or the problem in something else? Thank you for your help.


2014.04.14 17:29

Please try to move the PCI slot to another PCI slot.
Also please rub out the PCI part of sound card win an eraser.
And if possible try to check with another computer.


2014.04.16 00:01

I tried the card in a PCI slot of my ten year old PC (MB Intel i865 Rocklake, audio, ATI Radeon 9200 128 megabytes TV, Intel Celeron 2.8 GHz, 512 megabytes DDRAM PC400 PQI, PC Case 501 Silver ATX 300W; WinXP Home x86) and the PC is turned on. How do to that after inserting the card into a PCI slot, turned on my new PC?

Thank you.


2014.04.16 08:52
Well, we suspect that there is a problem with PCI slot of your new PC.
Please try to check them again.


2014.05.08 00:49
I have the same problem. My Config is Core i-3 4330, AsRock B85M, also Seasonic G-360 and also Prodigy HD2 Advance DE. I've discovered the problem is with Seasonic power supply. When I exchange Seasonic to my old Amacrox PNF-450 power supply - computer works fine! Please let us know if there is some way to check what cause the problem with Seasonic g-360 and Prodigy HD2 Advance DE power supply and.


2014.05.08 23:46
From Seasonic
"This is strange because if the PSU is not directly connected to the Sound Card, then the PSU is only reacting to the VRM on the MB and or the 12V CPU connector so in theory, there should not be any issues between the Sound Card and the PSU. Unless the sound card is running on the 5VSB line and it is causing an overshoot which will then trigger a safety mechanism on the PSU for the 5VSB.
Please note, the maximum allowance on the 5VSB is 10w (2A) and if the MB + Sound Card exceeds this limit, then the PSU will not start as the safety feature will kick in."

I've discovered that on my Amacrox 2,5 A on 5VSB - 12,5W soundcard works so I would recon this value as the minimum.

Pity that Audiotrak didn't declare it in minimum system requirements to avoid such a problems money and time waisting to it's customers!
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