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Audiotrack Prodigy Cube

  Hi, this is a review of Audiotrack Prodigy Cube USB soundcard/headphone/microphone amplifier. Basically, this is an advanced external soundcard powered by USB only. One day my favourite computer sound company Audiotrack sent me their produ...


Date: 2011.02.06 

[Review-English] DR.DAC2 DX

The Dr. DAC2 DX is a very external DAC that features 24/96 over USB, and 24/192 over S/PDIF with a built-in headphone amplifier, everything in a very attractive looking package. It’s quite compact in dimension, and would make a great extern...

Product: DR.DAC2 DX 

Date: 2010.05.10 

Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1e X-Fi Audio Card - Page 7 -- RMAA Performance

  Ah, another review, another version of RMAA.  We used RMAA 6.2.3 to analyze and compare the Prodigy 7.1e in a number of ways.  RMAA has several tests it does, but the main ones I tend to focus on are the noise, THD, and IMD tests.   Taking...

Product: PRODIGY 7.1e X-Fi Audio 

Date: 2010.02.18 

Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1e

Never reviewed a soundcard before but here goes, just a mini review.... I recently switched from a laptop to a desktop. Previously I was using the audiotrak prodigy cube and have been pretty happy with that so decided to try one of their in...

Product: PRODIGY 7.1e X-Fi Audio 

Date: 2009.04.29 

DR.DAC2 - Amp / DAC / Preamp - Review

As some of you may recall from my Korea Style headphone amp / dac thread, I'm right now in Seoul, and planned to pick up a Ruby amp based on the suggestion of a co-worker here. Given the crazy good dollar / won conversion rate right now, I ...

Product: DR.DAC2 

Date: 2009.03.13 

Audiotrak Prodigy CUBE review

In general it improves over onboard by a tad, but don't expect amazing thing (unless your onboard really sucks). Main improvement is generally more natural sound and a slightly punchier bass. With that, unless you REALLY need portability I w...


Date: 2009.02.27 

Audiotrak Dr.Dac2

  Dr.Dac2 пришел на смену первой версии Dr.Dac и представляет собой универсальное устройство, которое может работать как звуковой интерфейс (через USB), внешний ЦАП, предварительный усилитель для усилителя мощности и как усилитель для наушни...

Product: DR.DAC2 

Date: 2008.03.20 

[Review-English] Prodigy HD2 Gold Sound Card

  Today we're going to review a Hi-End sound card. This product was the first Hi-End card to use a top DAC from AKM and high quality additional components. Prior to this product, top DACs used to be installed only in expensive limited-editio...


Date: 2007.11.01