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Smart Microphone ATM-60i

ATM-60i is a specialized microphone so that you can sing a song using a singing app on your iPhone and iPad.

Dynamic Microphone ATM-60

ATM-60 has 5 gorgeous colors. It is a fashion item, and is worthy of note for young generation. It is suitable for presents. Its cute appearance makes us doubt of its capacity as a microphone. It is proud of its excellent durability and qua...

Dynamic Microphone AT-2500 PLUS

AT-2500 PLUS has excellent performance with a low price and clear sound quality. ATM-2500 PLUS is for the use of vocal recording and has 400Ohm of impedance. AT-2500 PLUS is designed mostly for use in a home studio at home and has an excell...

Condenser Microphone ATM-520P

Single-directional Pin-MIC Pin-MIC type single-directional condenser MIC is economical with high performance boasting portable compact design with powerful sound effect.

Smart Microphone ATM-10i

ATM-10i microphone is created product by AUDIOTRAK technology and can record with high sensitivity by maximizing microphone sensitivity for most of smart phone and tablet pc. You can record with high sensitivity in various kinds of circumst...

Dynamic Microphone ATM-24K

ATM-24K Gold microphone has the impedance of 400Ohm ~ 600Ohm. Effective dome design of the microphone reduces noises such as ambient noise, breathing sounds and plosives. Frequency response optimized for vocal makes high quality sound.