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Installing Windows 10 driver for Prodigy HD2

Developer: cFortc Views: 3211

Sorry for yet another posting/question regarding Prodigy HD2 on Windows 10. With the posting of the "Envy24_Family_DriverV570C_MOD" driver installation package, the chances appeared good that this soundcard would work on Windows 10. So I've gone ahead with an attempt.


Upon installing the card in my PC, and powering up, the Windows 10 (64-bit) operating system automatically located and installed a basic driver. As such, my Prodigy HD2 is operational for 48k Hz sample rate (not otherwise configurable).


However, I wished the flexibility of the additional sample rates, so I attempted to install the "Envy24_Family_DriverV570C_MOD" package. This package always fails very early in the process (prior to the terms & conditions acceptance), regardless of any compatibility mode settings. Thus, I have been unable to install the "Audio Deck" (Prodigy HD2 control panel) that would reveal the settings for Digital Out Control, Sample Rate, etc.


I deduce from this forum (by the lack of questions), that others may have succeeded in installing the "Envy24_Family_DriverV570C_MOD" driver package onto Windows 10 64-bit. I would appreciate confirmation, and any installation advice or other insights that could allow me to succeed in this task. Thanks!



2016.12.30 01:19
A bit more relevant information. The basic driver installed automatically by Windows 10 was version dated 3/15/2007, provided by VIA-IC Ensemble, Inc. Amazing that it works at all on Windows 10 64-bit!

I went ahead and performed a manual driver update (from the Device Manager), pointing to the unpacked Driver files as present in the "Envy24_Family_DriverV570C_MOD" driver installation package. The result was successful and the updated driver is version However, it remains the case that only 48k sample rate is operational.

Your further insights to achieve additional sample rates will still be greatly appreciated.


2018.06.16 16:31

Good morning!


I am really disappointed with my purchase of the Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 Advance DE as it's not fully compatible with Windows 10.

I have installed the driver, but the 192hz option does not work. I have tried install it many times, and the time I was managed to switch it on, the music did not work. It only worked on the medium setting 48hz.


It's about time you guys show this card some love and make it work for Win10. After all I have bought it to have the 192hz not some basic 48.

I have search all over the internet for a such solution, and everyone seems to be disappointed. 

I also bought good speakers and cable to go with it.


Could you guys please make this happen?



2016.12.30 01:46
Well, I seem to have found a workaround which is currently playing a 96k music file on my Windows 10 machine. Hopefully, it will prove reliable over time.

The workaround is inspired by my "manual" update of the driver file itself. My fully operational Windows 7 installation created the "Audio Deck" control panel package within the Program Files (x86) VIA VIAudioi EnvyADeck directory (on the Windows 7 machine). That directory appeared to contain all the relevant DLL files, so I just copied it over to the Windows 10 machine. Then, when I double-clicked on the EnMixCPL.exe file (on the Windows 10 machine), voila! - the apparently fully functioning "Audio Deck" control panel appeared.

As I said, hopefully this will prove to be reliable in daily use.


2017.01.01 17:08

Hi! This Prodigy_HD2-x2v-v1_08 for ESI? It works on Win 10?

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