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AUDIOTRAK is an organization consisting of people unsurpassed in the love of sound. We love our work, and that makes us perfectionists. We won't settle for second best. We strive to complete what we have started. That's the AUDIOTRAK spirit. For the past half century AUDIOTRAK components have been recognized as uncommonly musical among those who are truly fanatical about their music. Our aim for the next century is further refinement of our advanced music reproduction technology in order to create a new AUDIOTRAK that will become a more familiar name to people throughout the world.
We are also expanding from our core of music-oriented products to new challenges in other fields. In this way we aim to remain a powerful, forward-looking company.Starting from our origins in a boundless enthusiasm for the culture of sound, we are beginning to steer ourselves in the new direction. For example, we offer a variety of ways to enjoy music and life, such as our home theater THX® systems and music relaxation setups. We are developing an ever widening range of hi-fi products by collaborating with other well-respected brands known throughout the world for high quality.
These efforts are not limited to high-end offerings; numerous audio products aimed at the popular market are under development. We are working to create superior sound by taking a global viewpoint and being sensitive to the needs of local markets. Forging ahead with globalization! Going back to the source with localization! Global Business with Localized Products!


2016 year
2016. 07 Moving of office : #761 Jooan Sibeom Gongdan, 17-1, Jooan-Dong, Nam-Gu, Incheon, Korea
2014 year
2014. 04 Launch of Pomi BS-01 speaker
2014. 11 Launch of Goldenlink 3S cable
2014. 12 Launch of Prodigy CUBE BLACK EDITION
2013 year
2013. 03 Launch of DR.DAC2 DX TE
2013. 11 Launch of DR.DAC3
2012 year
2012. 03 Get a prize in Poland "2012 Power Award"
2012. 06 Launch of Pomi A1 speaker
2012. 09 Launch of Pomi A3 speaker
2012. 11 Launch of ATM-10i microphone
2012. 12 Launch of ATM-24K microphone
2011 year
2011. 07 Launch of MAYA U5
2010 year
2010. 12 Launch of Prodigy 7.1 LTM
2009 year
2009. 04 Get a prize in Japan imAmp "Audio Excellence Award 2009"
2009. 06 Launch of MAYA 5.1 MK-II ZENI
2009. 07 Launch of Prodigy 7.1e X-Fi Audio
2009. 12 Launch of DR.DAC2 DX
2008 year
2008. 02 Get a prize in Japan "kakaku.com Product 2007"
2008. 06 Launch of imAmp
2008. 09 Launch of Prodigy HD2 ADVANCE DE
2008. 10 Launch of Prodigy CUBE
2008. 12 Get a prize in Korea 'VIP ASIA 2008' Prodigy HD2 Series
2007 year
2007. 01 MAYA EX5 QE V2 export to Europe
2007. 08 DR.DAC2 export to Japan
2006 year
2006. 07 MAYA EX5 QE V2 export to Japan
2006. 09 Prodigy 7.1 XT export to Japan
2006. 10 Prodigy HD2 export to Japan
2005 year
2005. 06 Take over AUDIOTRAK's business
2005. 08 Headphone amp export to Japan
2005. 09 MAYA sound card export to USA
2005. 09 Speaker business entry
2005. 09 MAYA sound card export to Japan
2004 year
2004. 04 Strategic business alliances with Egosystem's
2004. 04 Development S-ATA controller card
2004. 05 Business alliances with AUDIOTRAK's OEM
2004. 05 Strategic business alliances with Flexsis's
2004. 08 Strategic business alliances with Xysystem's
2004. 10 Supply headphone amp OEM to Vonia's
2003 year
2003. 08 Established GYROCOM C&C Co., LTD.
2003. 11 Development IEEE1394 controller card
2003. 11 Partner Agreement with Enhancetech