• Built-in High Performance D/A Converter
  • High Resolution
  • Dual Headphone Output
  • Enjoy High-quality sound only with USB connection!

    AUDIOTRAK is recognized as a company with multi-year experience in the field of digital audio solutions. PRODIGY CUBE2 created based on AUDIOTRAK’s own technology accomplishes the best computer-based multimedia audio system, supporting compatibility with Windows 10, the USB-based powerful and high-quality sound dual headphone amp, the best condenser-applied analog RCA output port, and the high-quality transformer-applied optical and coaxial digital output for the best-quality audio solution. High-quality microphone amp is fully prevented from interfering with the analog output port to boost its utilities for vocal recording, YouTube, online lecture and remote learning etc.

    USB-based D/A converter

    The 24bit / 96kHz USB Audio controller, is mounted as well as Wolfson microelectronics's high-performance D/A converter. PRODIGY CUBE2 is powered enough only by USB connection and is the best USB audio solution requiring no driver installation.

    The best-quality condenser

    SamYoung's AHS Series Electrolytic Capacitors are used for all electrolytic condensers on the circuitry to secure stability of the circuit and high-quality sound output. SamYoung LL(Low Leakage) Series is used for the analog output L and the R-coupling circuit. SamYoung's Low-ESR Electrolytic Capacitor is mounted for OPAMP power supply port.


    Dual headphone / High-performance microphone amp

    Powerful headphone amp
    low-impedance earphone is installed

    Dual headphone output does not require the conversion gender by supporting both stereo-mini and stereo-phone standards, performs well enough even with 150 Ohm headphone, and offers clear and high-resolution sound through the D/A converter and the high-performance OPAMP. The protection circuit for a low-impedance earphone is installed on an output port of the stereo-mini standard headphone to optimize various headphones for PRODIGY CUBE2.

    Replaceable OPAMP

    Replaceable OPAMP allows a user to enjoy user’s own sound taste by replacing OPAMP with another. You must open the case to replace OPAMP. As shown below, OPAMP should be aligned with the groove of the socket. Regular OPAMP must be used.

    High-performance microphone amp

    With HI-Fi audio sound output provided, the high-performance microphone amp is mounted for PC voice chatting, internet phone, and internet music broadcasting. The high-performance microphone amp is completely separated from the output port to prevent interference between input and output of sound for high-quality input and output of sound.

    Precision Digital Transformer Employed

    The precision digital transformer supporting up to 24bit/192kHz at the coaxial output end is employed securing the electrical stability and obtaining high quality digital output.

    ALPS Volume Employed

    Stable output balance is offered by employing the high quality analog volume of ALPS, the world prominent manufacturer.

    Portable USB Audio Device with convenience

    It's the USB audio device requiring no separate adapter. High quality sound output is applicable any time at any places, not to mention at the PC cafe or connecting with Laptop, PC, thanks for its portability with small and light 90mm size optimized for carrying.


    ①&② Headphone Output (6.3mm stereo-phone / 3.5mm stereo-mini)
    ③ Microphone input port (3.5mm mono)
    ④ Output Selector
    ⑤ Volume Control
    ⑥ STAN-BY LED (Green)
    ⑦ USB Link LED (Yellow)


    ⑧ Line Output (RCA)
    ⑨ USB Connection Port
    ⑩ Digital Output (Optical / Coaxial)



    What is the difference between the PRODIGY CUBE series?
    The basic performance is the same, but there are some differences.
    · PRODIGY CUBE : OPA2134 / Case color (Gray)
    · PRODIGY CUBE BLACK EDITION : LME49720/LME49860 / Case color (black)
    · 프로디지 CUBE2 : 88.2㎑ support / LME49720 / Case color (white)
    Is it possible to use the Internet broadcasting (stereo mix function)?
    You can use basic Internet broadcasting. But because microphone monitoring and stereo mix functions are not supported, music and microphone (ment) sounds are not transmitted at the same time.
    What is PASSTHROUGH when using optical output?
    The channels are expanded to 5.1 channels through the pass-through function when using optical output. It is supported on all Windows OS except Windows 7.
    I don't have a driver, where do I download it?
    When connecting to a PC, the latest version of the Microsoft USB Audio Driver built into Windows 10 is automatically recognized and operated, so there is no need to install a separate driver.
    Can't I adjust the volume while using optical output?
    You can adjust only analog. When using optical, it is applied as window volume or speaker volume.
    I want to use it by connecting to a mobile phone. Is it compatible?
    Please refer to the website-community-compatibility test board.


    • Interface : USB Interface (USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible)
    • Analog Input : Microphone Input (3.5mm, recommend 16bit / 48㎑)
    • Analog Output : Line output (RCA), Dual headphone output (stereo phone, mini)
    • Digital Output : Optical / Coaxial
    • Digital Output Method : PCM, AC3 PassThrough
    • Headphone Impedance : 16∼150Ω
    • OPAMP : LME49720 (socket-type)
    • D/A Converter : Wolfson WM8776
    • Dynamic Range : 108㏈
    • Frequency Response : 24bit / 96㎑
    • Power Supply OPAMP : ±5V(dual power supply max.10V)
    • Power Supply : USB bus power
    • OS : Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1
    • Dimention (mm) : 94 x 90 x 22 (W x D x H)