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Support Product List : DR.DAC3 
Version : Release 8 
OS : Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 
Date : 2014-03-18 
File Size : 399KB 
Download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B95cS0S...SCqYbfydcw 

▶ How to update Firmware



1. Unzip the downloaded file to an appropriate folder.          

2. After stopping all sound play, run VIAFwUpd.exe file in the folder. Then the firmware will be upgraded.


※ It takes about 10 seconds for the Firmware upgrade. (Around 1~5 minutes depending on the system) Please make sure not to turn off your computer or disconnect the device during firmware upgrade.


※ Your computer may stop its operation during firmware upgrade due to a conflict with other USB devices. Then, disconnect the devices (USB printers, USB scanners, etc.) connected to the USB port, and try firmware upgrade again.


※ The firmware upgrade does not work in case that sound system is being used. Check the operation lamp on the front of DR.DAC3 (Active Indicator), then turn off playing of all sounds. And then proceed with the firmware upgrade after checking the lamp is surely turned off.


※ The Firmware Update Tool is available for only Windows-based applications not on Mac OS X. So Firmware update must be conducted in Windows-based PCs.