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Prodigy Cube - question about speakers

Developer: Neris Views: 2279

Product Name : Prodigy Cube Black Edition 
OS : Windows 10 64bit 
Serial Number : ATSAH16F00217 


1st question - is it safe to connect prodigy cube to playstation 4 pro via usb cable or I shouldn't use prodigy cube with playstation 4 pro? My speakers (Fenda R30BT) have only RCA output so the only way to use them with PS4 is via prodigy cube for now. I know that speakers work with PS4 but I am not sure if it is safe.
I am asking only about speakers 


2nd question - http://audiotrack.co.kr/en/manual/470 What is the purpose of optical output in Prodigy Cube? For example if I connect FIIO D03 (with speakers connected to FIIO D03) to Prodigy Cube how will it work? 


3rd question - few years ago I created this thread:


 I am not sure if bypass mode works correctly (or at all). So I know that while using RCA output prodigy cube's knob should be at max volume for bypass mode for speakers and at 9∼11 o’clock for headphones. Sound from speakers is distorted when prodigy cube's knob is at max volume, sound is better when prodigy cube's knob isn't at max volume and I can set even higher volume on speakers(Fenda R30BT) and I don't hear distortion while doing it. Prodigy cube's knob at max volume just increases volume for speakers (just like with headphones). So I guess that someone who gave me this advice was wrong. 










2020.04.21 09:43

When sound from speakers is distorted, you need to lower the volume.

The output impedance of PRODIGY CUBE line out is 200Ω, the standard of analog potentiometer is 10kΩ.

The PRODIGY CUBE has no the bypass switch separately.

When the analog volume is at maximum, it is bypassed.

The resistance value of analog potentiometer = 0 Ω when the analog volume is at maximum, 10kΩ when the analog volume is at minimum


It's not compatible with PS4 PRO.

In other words, you can't use with PS4 PRO.


The optical of PRODIGY CUBE can use speakers, amp(receiver) etc. with optical input.

It supports PCM output and AC3/DTS path through output.

Because we don't know the FIIO D03 model well, we can't know how to work.



2020.04.21 18:02

What can happen if I will be using speakers with Prodigy Cube's knob  for example set at 3 o'clock(75-80%) instead max volume (bypass mode)? Can it damage speakers? 

If I turn down the volume on speakers then it will be very, very quiet without distortion in the example from spotify that I linked below (max volume on Prodigy Cube, max in windows, max in Spotify). If I set Prodigy Cube's knob at 3 o'clock then I can turn up the volume on speakers without worrying about distortion. Usually I don't have problem with distortion in other tracks. I guess it is very specific problem with this track (and maybe some other tracks from classical music). 


I checked it on this track from 1:04 to 1:19 https://open.spotify.com/track/2XeZi7qwChzLOt32tsoPXV?si=cnvST4FATHWEyd4e1vkpwQ  

Sound on speakers at 1:06 and 1:14 is very "weird"(distortion?) with Prodigy Cube at 100% volume. It is clean when knob is set to lower values(3 o'clock).

Thanks for the response and all the info :) 



2020.04.22 09:26

The analog volume have to match with impedance of speaker.

So if the sound from speakers is distorted, you need to lower the CUBE's knob volume.


When we click the link, we can't open.

"Spotify is currently not available in your country."



2020.04.22 20:44

Oh okay so I misunderstood. Thanks for all the info. Have a nice day. 

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