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Prodigy Cube 2 microphone doesn't work.

Developer: sipso Views: 1724

Product Name : Prodigy Cube 2 
OS : Windows 10 64bit 
Serial Number : ATSAH2WBAG0390 



I have a problem with getting my microphone, Zalman ZM-MIC1 to work with Cube 2.

I've tried connecting it to all my USB ports. I've tried setting all audio formats in recording devices. The microphone works fine when connected to the motherboard.

The only other device connected to Cube 2 is Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, which work fine with it.

All i can get out of the mic are silent scratching noises when i tap the microphone. I'm all out of ideas.



2021.12.20 14:45




Doesn't it work even if the recording settings are set to 16bit?


Do you have any other microphones?


A dynamic microphone and a condenser microphone for PC can be connected to the PRODIGY CUBE2 microphone jack.


Best Regard.




2021.12.21 22:09



I have tried all format settings, the only thing that i got out of it was slight scratching noise when tapping on the mic on recommended 16bit/48. Other than that the DAC works perfectly fine (though i don't have any speakers to check the outputs on the back of it). Both headphone ins work perfectly. I have tried plugging the mic only a bit, or different lengths but no luck, it would pop out of the port anyway. Discord picks up "sound" when i plug it in, so the mic in probably isn't faulty.


I have a Hyperx Cloud headset. While the mic is detachable, it wouldn't work as a standalone, plugged into DAC. Afaik hyperx went out of their way on the first revision of this headset to make the mic only work WITH the headset. However when i plugged the whole headset into DAC, via jack splitter, the mic worked.


To be honest it doesn't matter anymore. I bought a usb mic. But still... Would like to get it working just in case. Microphone itself isn't faulty as well since it has no issue when plugged into motherboard. Scouring the internet i found people with similar issues, but whenever and if a solution was found it didn't work for me. Some people say MIC1 works with Prodigy Cube just fine. 
It's not on my priority list, but i'd love to see some suggestions.





2021.12.24 11:19



Plugging stereo headphones into the microphone jack also works.

(Stereo headphones = 3-pole plug)


Step 1.

Plug your stereo headphones into the microphone jack. If the recording gauge on the sound control panel responds, there is no problem with the microphone jack.


Step 2.

Set the recording volume to maximum and launch the Voice Recorder app.


Step 3.

Record your voice into the left unit of the stereo headphones.


See if the recording gauge in the Voice Recorder app is responsive and the recording goes well.




There are very few cases reported as a malfunction of the microphone, but if a defect is suspected, an inspection is required.



We need to check your device.


Could you send it?


Warranty must be carried out at the place of purchase.


Best Regard.


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